Friday, November 22, 2013

Twitter tour

Recently, while in San Francisco for a chess tournament (my son), my mom, daughter, and I took a tour of Twitter. It was especially interesting to me since I tweet almost daily and my cousin's daughter just recently started working there. Although we didn't get to see much in the way of work areas, it was a fascinating tour in a beautiful setting in the heart of the San Francisco financial district with fabulous work perks. Do I sound envious? Well I am!
daughter Madeline, my mom, cousin Jen

oh, look! I found a good looking mustache and tie in the twitter lobby (what do you think?)

one of the awesome cafeterias-you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, daily, for free!!!

behind the kitchen scene making yummy local, seasonal, organic dishes

rooftop hangout with great views

Madeline enjoying the view ; )

twitter's drought tolerant rooftop garden

old twitter logo (with hair)

game room

twitter quotes

LOVE this quote!

great ideal!

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