Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shoe repair

I guess I’m learning (slowly), that you get what you pay for. I am careful how I spend my money, but sometimes it’s tricky knowing where the bargain is. So far, cheap shoes in Malaysia have not turned out to be a bargain. I’ve already taken my third pair of kid’s shoes to the street cobbler for new soles in 7 months. Yesterday, I took the most recent pair of my daughter’s shoes to the cobbler. 

It’s interesting watching a street cobbler work. They have tiny tables and/or carts that hold all of their shoe repair goods in various plastic bags. And they do all their work sitting on little plastic stools with just a few implements including: a utility knife, cigarette lighter, brush, polish, sander, needle and thread, tread,  glue/cement, glue stick, a straight edge, and some type of pointy end tool! Oh, and of course, the smoking cigarette hanging out of the mouth is a must, as well...

gluing the soles on
the table and cart

shaving the edge of the new sole smooth

shaping the new sole

new leather tie over toes replaced as well

and here are the new much better than the old ones...

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