Thursday, April 4, 2013

Off to the Perhentians

Since we moved to Malaysia, we have been waiting for the perfect time to go to the Perhentian Islands-a snorkeling and scuba paradise on the northeast coast of peninsular Malaysia.  Finally, it came last week. We had a wonderful five days with our brave, dear friends, Helen and Rose, who travelled all the way from sunny California to spend a brief but joyous spring break with us swimming, snorkeling, trekking, drinking fruit smoothies, playing volleyball, playing games, taking pictures, reading, and catching up.

Helen on plane KL to the Perhentians
our regular dining table at Tuna Bay resort

beach in front of our resort

crazy girls

Tuna Bay boat dock

sunset from our resort dining room

we were on Pulau Perhentian Besar (the big island)

Gabe and his favorite-mango lassi

Rosie's arrival into KL

Malaysian mother and daughter waiting in the airport

excited girls!

at the dock in Kota Bharu, getting ready to take speed boat to the Perhentians

Joe and Helen

Are we there yet?

in front of Tuna Bay resort where we stayed

beach loungers and umbrellas for Tuna Bay guests

hanging out

Gabe's stuff...

the gang

friendly lizard

starting on our trek around part of the island

oops! Rosie forgot to bring sunglasses

walking away from our beach and resort

Madeline and me

pretty view

if this isn't heaven,  I don't know what is...

artsy, fartsy pic

trying for sunglass reflections

oops, Helen had a little fall at the start of the hike :(

island canna

Rosie and Helen

a little island volleyball

here is my reflections picture for my photo group-can you see the monitor lizard in the center?

close up of the monitor lizard

Rosie Posie

sand toys

here's one for Carver...

happy boy...

hiking Helen

what's so funny?

beach scene

technology on the beach

heart shaped leaf (for Jan)

Madeline, Oppa Gangnam style

doesn't look that welcoming...

our girls

Helen trekking through the island

beach volleyball-Joe and Gabe

Gabe waiting at the net

more beach volleyball

coral reef 'graveyard' on the beach-pretty, but sad

our beach

our beach, close to sunset

the girlfriends

uke on the beach

more uke on the beach

cool boat just beyond the coral reef

chillin on the beach

our home away from home

happy boy ; )

my beautiful girl!

more papparazi shots


another Rosie pose

the gals, making the most of their youth!


too much hair for this hot climate

nifty colorful crab

views from everywhere

ah, the sand

look, I see something...

happy girl

happy Helen

surprise! just a few Swedish hunks we picked up on the beach

oh, and I had to have a pic with them, too

Helen and me

me at sunset at Tuna Bay resort

Helen, on her last day in the Perhentians

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